Monday, 9 June 2014

| English Countryside | イギリスの田舎 |

Dress: Minkpink Four Seasons Panelled Dress @ ASOS
Shoes: Converse

Necklace: ASOS Double Gold Chain

Hoorah for my first outfit post! I'll start this one off by saying that I very rarely wear feminine clothes. "Yeah right", you say in your head. But it is no word of a lie. I've only recently delved into the world of femininity, by which I mean 'dresses and skirts' (and other such girly oestrogen crusted garments). What I really like about this dress is that it's so comfortable, and it floats nicely. It's clearly good quality, and for the price (it retailed for around £85!), I should bloody well think so. Luckily I didn't pay that for it - I bought it on eBay for £1 from some poor soul who didn't know how to eBay nor did they realise just how much it was worth. And the Converse? I added those just to tone down the femininity a little (c'mon, it's a floral dress. FLORAL! WOW. SO FLOWER. MUCH GIRL. VERY FEMALE.) Plus, black or white converse will go well with pretty much any outfit. I got these high top babies at a brocante in the south of France. A brocante is almost like a car boot sale, or a yard sale, am I right? Hundreds of French people line rustic streets with market stalls, where they sell second hand stuff. They sell pretty much anything and everything. If you can think of it, they will sell it. I even bought myself a used French copy of Pokémon Pearl whilst I was there. Not bad for 7 euros.

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